Different Types of Digital Ads and When to Use Them

A decade ago, digital advertising took over the marketing sector, and it’s just going to grow and dominate in the next years. That’s why businesses, advertisers, and marketers need to stay on top of the latest developments! But there are so many various sorts of digital advertising; how can anyone possibly keep up with them all? By continually researching and ensuring that they are aware of the various kinds

. In other words, your search for information on the many forms of digital advertising has led you to us. Display, social media, native, search, video, and email marketing are the six most common forms of digital advertising. When it comes to the many sorts of digital advertising, there are many similarities or even overlaps between them. Digital advertising space is a lucrative business for advertisers. In this article, we list the different types of digital ads and how they can help you get ahead in this industry.

It is possible for Facebook users to see advertising in the form of social, native, or display, but each will be viewed in a different way by the user. Another example is the usage of video adverts as display advertisements. It may be difficult to see how the many forms of digital advertising are interconnected at this point, but as we examine each one in more detail, everything will become clear. Digital advertising is a fast-growing field, with ads being created and served in every possible format. Here, you’ll learn about different types of digital ads.

1. Social Networking

Because of the vast number of users and the ease of audience targeting, social media has become the most important center for digital advertising. This article will help you understand the Different Types of Digital Ads. Since social media is such a wide-ranging platform, a wide range of digital marketing techniques can be applied to social ads. There are many types of social media ads, including display, native, and video.

As you can see from the examples above (on Instagram, for example), there are two distinct subcategories that are unique to social media. Social media paid to advertise is essentially a form of native advertising, which aims to leverage promoted posts and target specific people through the use of target audiences. Depending on the social media site, these posts will have the designations “Sponsored” or “Ad.” Organic social media ads are a sort of word-of-mouth advertising.

1. Social Networking
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An example of an influencer is the person in the illustration who uses a product or service to promote it in their posts, videos, or tales. When an ad appears on a social media network, it is the influencers who indicate that it is an advertisement. An organic social ad campaign is a terrific way to establish a loyal customer base and get feedback on your business.

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2. Advertising in the form of billboards

The most basic form of digital advertising, display advertising, consists mostly of images and text. Banners, landing pages, popups, and flash adverts are common on websites and blogs. Display advertising is distinct from the others in that they do not appear in search results. This type of advertising is often inexpensive and easy to set up. Display advertising can be found almost anywhere on the Internet.

However, more people will see the ad because it is more economical than other forms of advertising. When it comes to displaying advertising, many businesses will use it in order to market a wide range of products and services at once, such as hotels, games, events and performances, and even clothing. The commercials are supposed to be viewed by as many people as possible, not necessarily a specific demographic.

2. Advertising in the form of billboards
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3. Native advertising

When it comes to placement and audience targeting, native advertising is similar to display ads, but it’s more purposeful and deliberate in its approach. Sponsored content is blended into the feed and disguised as it were regular content. An in-feed ad is just one of four genres of native advertising that may be found on social media. Based on an audience’s online habits and history, native advertising will offer them relevant adverts.

It’s possible that Vina’s Google native ad was generated for a variety of reasons. She’s already liked Google on Facebook. As long as she has chosen to receive posts from the Google page, advertisers will be able to easily target her with their adverts. Google Fi appears to be something of interest to her based on her search history and cookies.

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4. Advertising on search engines (SEM)

Digital advertising based on phrases that people are currently searching for, such as search engine marketing, is likely the most reliable. Among the most popular search, engine marketing platforms are Google and Microsoft’s Bing. Most people will stop their searches on the first page even though search engines can provide thousands of results. SEM and other methods of ensuring your listing appears in the top few pages of search results are therefore essential.

Advertisers can appear as high as the first or last few results on the first page of search results using PPC campaigns and advertising. It’s easy to notice that the top three results of a search for “Turf installations near me” are all clearly identified as “Ads.” When a user clicks on the link, the advertiser only pays. Bids placed by businesses and advertisers, as well as Google’s quality and relevance score, determine the ad’s position and placement.


It’s our sincere hope that this article has helped you better understand the many forms of digital marketing, as well as how each may assist your company. The realm of digital advertising is a place where anything is possible and innovation is encouraged.

Despite the fact that the term “digital advertising” has been around for more than 25 years, However, this isn’t how it should be! This means that digital advertising is simply an online, targeted and integrated approach to driving potential clients through the sales funnel.

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